Kyoto folding fanKyoto folding fans have a history of 1200 years and continue to fascinate with their gorgeousness and delicate techniques.

Over 80 processes
The crystallization of technology by skilled craftsmen

Kyoto fans are made in Kyoto and other near areas, from raw material production to finishing.
There are over 80 steps involved in creating the product using domestically produced bamboo, cypress, washi paper, etc. , and each step is done by hand by skilled craftsmen, resulting in a complete division of labor.
It is characterized by its excellent functionality and its flexibility in the hand.

Highly artistic “hand-drawn” designs
The fanning wind brings splendor together.

Kyoto fans, which are hand-painted by craftsmen, come in a variety of designs, from modest to highly artistic patterns, and are scented with sandalwood and agarwood, giving off a gorgeous scent every time you fan them.
The “widening” shape is used not only to cool the room, but also for “auspicious” occasions such as betrothals and weddings.